• Western Horse Saddles

    Horseback riding has become one of the most popular outdoor activities across the United States; with thousands of young teens taking up the hobby. With horse back riding’s increase in popularity, so has the market for horse saddles. Western horse saddles are one of the few more popular styles. They are equipped for all of your riding needs. […]

  • What are Draft Horse Saddles?

    Draft horses need special saddles and they are aptly called the draft horse saddles. If you by any choice own a draft horse, read on; all the information you need is right here. Firstly, it’s very important that you always buy high quality draft horse saddles for your horse. A draft horse is an exceptionally […]

  • Basic Horse Care For Beginners
    Proper Care For Horse Saddles

    Maintaining your horse’s saddle is a top priority. Since saddles are usually made of leather, they require quite a bit of attention to make sure that they last and that you get you money’s worth out of them. Cleaning your saddle on a monthly basis will help keep maintenance minimal and prevent the hefty job […]