• How to Handicap Horse Races for Profit, a Guide to Betting on Horses

    This is a simple guide to betting on horses to find profitable bets.  It is not meant to be a complete tutorial on how to handicap and win money on horse racing.  That is a complicated subject and if you want to go into it in more depth, I suggest you start with a good […]

  • Beginners Guide to Motorhome Ownership – Types of Motorhomes

    Campervans (VW Campers) These iconic Volkswagen campervans are still being produced today and have a dedicated following, with a range of clubs and magazines available to enthusiasts. Campers will generally sleep between 2 and 4 comfortably but are small enough to be driven in cities as well as on the open road, making them famously […]

  • Basic Horse Care
    A Quick Guide On Caring For Your Horse

    As a horse owner and an able horse rider no one knows it better than you that you have to care for your horse. You have to keep him warm in winter and make sure his stable is nice and airy when its summer time. Besides this, horses suffer from ailments too from time to […]