• Equine Assisted Learning, Self Awareness

    BUILDING SELF AWARENESS THE NATURAL WAY HUMAN DEVELOPMENT THROUGH THE PRESENCE, WISDOM AND GUIDANCE OF THE HORSE Equine Assisted Learning (EAL; equine = horse) – as it is called here at the SeaHorse Centre – is a program tailored to nurture wellness and to discover our full human potential. In general “horse assisted learning” or […]

  • Several things about equine veterinarian

    There are many veterinarians that work in a private practice. The percentage reaches 80% and you will find 6% among them focusing on horses. This number is got from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. When you want o be an equine veterinarian, you should be able to accept on-call emergencies, to perform the examinations, to […]

  • U.s. Equine Market: Feed, Health Care And Services For Horses, The

    U.S. Equine Market: Feed, Health Care and Services for Horses, The Pages : 258 There are approximately 10.5 million equines in the United States, which are used primarily for recreation and entertainment. These horses are responsible for generating over $ 40 billion per year in spending. In this one-of-a-kind report, we examine: The Horses: The […]

  • Equine Law – An Overview

    Equine law covers a wide range of areas involving horses. Equine law focuses on the buying and selling of horses, horse riding injuries, compensation claims, equestrian properties, horse related disputes, veterinary malpractice and equestrian businesses. The body which governs equine activities is the British Equestrian Federation and the body that deals with the trade of […]

  • New England Equine Practice

    New England Equine, founded by Drs. Joseph Heissan and Ronald Rosen, has been serving regional horsemen since 1970. Initially it was an ambulatory practice, but with the hiring of Dr. William Bradley in 1976, and the need for a surgical facility, the practice moved to a leased facility in Ridgefield, CT in 1978. Shortly after […]

  • Horse Care Guide
    Equine Saddle Pads

    It is important that you take good care of the equine saddle pads that you use for your horse. The health of your animal as well as the life of the saddle pads are both at stake if you do not properly maintain them. Dirt, sweat, and other nasty substances can accumulate on the pads […]