• Owning A Horse 101
    Horse Care and Maintenance to Keep a Happy, Healthy Horse

    Owning a horse is a wonderful experience when it comes to riding, shows and many other pleasures associated with horses. There is an aspect of ownership that involves maintenance, which is not always as glamorous as heading out across the countryside for a ride or parading in the horse shows to win a highly recognized […]

  • Basic Horse Care
    How to Prevent and Care for a Horse with Colic Problems

    With up to ten percent of all horse experiencing some form it each year, colic is likely going to be a health concern every horse owner will run into. Caused by any number of different things, colic is only a symptom of a greater condition, often something blocking the intestines. It’s important to be able […]

  • Owning A Horse 101
    Horse Dental Treatment – How to Care for Your Horse Teeth

    Just like their owners, horses will require periodic dental care. While things like cavities are less of an issue in a horse (unless you have fed your horse a diet with a lot of refined sugars), horses will need to have their teeth looked at. A horse’s teeth grow continuously throughout most of the horse’s […]

  • Horse Care Guide
    Zeroing in on Horse Maintenance and Care

    As someone who truly embraces the equestrian lifestyle, one of the most important things to do is make sure that your horse is well cared for. Horse riding is so much more than a sport or hobby. Horse riding embraces a friendship between you and your horse and is highly rooted in your love for […]

  • Basic Horse Care
    Winter care for you horse

    Taking care for your horse is a job for the whole year, but in winter you should pay attention to some specific things that are very important if you like your animal to be healthy and happy as well.  See these advices step by step, as you are learning the tips for the horse games, […]

  • Horse Care
    Horse Care and Feeding

    Eating like a horse, facts confirm, is a bit of an anti-truth. Horses actually have very small stomachs for their size, and they can’t regurgitate or chew cud like cows do. The horse has a one-way digestive system, so if he eats something he shouldn’t have, you’ll have to wait until it goes through his […]

  • Basic Horse Care
    5 Basic Tips For Hoof Care to Ensure the Health of Your Horse

    While maintaining your horse’s hooves, you need to know how their feet work, clean the hooves regularly (with a pick), trim the hooves, keep the correct horseshoes on the horse, and make regular visits to the farrier. It is very important to look after the hooves of your horse as the saying goes, “No foot, […]

  • Horse Grooming Tips
    Horse Care – Grooming

    Grooming your horse is an essential part of good horse care. Your horse will enjoy a good groom, and you will be able to see if there are any new marks, cuts or rubs on your horse. It is important to give your horse a good groom before you ride as to ensure that there […]

  • Basic Horse Care
    The Basics of Horse Nutrition and Care

    As horse owners, we spend a great deal of time, care and attention on making sure our horses are happy and healthy. Of all the care we give our horses, most of our time is spent worrying about their diets. As a matter of fact, it is the number one concern for many new horse […]