• Basic Ferret Care

    Bringing home a pet ferret can add fun and excitement to your household. Ferrets have enough love for each member of your family, and will insist on attention from every one of you. Although ferrets are known for their fun-loving nature, they are actually high maintenance animals to keep as pets. The better you inform […]

  • Inexpensive Solutions For Horse Care

    One of the best ways to relax is horse riding which can be very rewarding, if accompanied by an active horse. You can get the best of your horse riding time by keeping your horse well groomed. If you own a horse you probably understand how huge a responsibility it is. So you try and […]

  • The Care and Prevention of a Horse – Bowed Tendons

    Have you ever had a horse with a bowed tendon?  Excessive or strenuous training can easily cause injury in your horses tendon. I had never heard of a bowed tendon, so when it happened to my horse, I didn’t have any idea what to do.  It happened when I had my horse in training with an over zealous trainer […]

  • How To Best Care For Your Horse

    Horses are a friendly and majestic creature by nature. They require a large amount of affection and attention from their owners, but will return the affection and are often the best friend that a person could ask for. However, more importantly, they need to be thoroughly cared for. This can be accomplished through frequently grooming […]

  • U.s. Equine Market: Feed, Health Care And Services For Horses, The

    U.S. Equine Market: Feed, Health Care and Services for Horses, The Pages : 258 There are approximately 10.5 million equines in the United States, which are used primarily for recreation and entertainment. These horses are responsible for generating over $ 40 billion per year in spending. In this one-of-a-kind report, we examine: The Horses: The […]

  • Everything You Need To Know About Eye Care

    Eye is the most delicate sensory organ in our body and what makes it precious is its complexity and functioning. Undoubtedly, an eye is an indispensable part of our body without which, one cannot appreciate the importance of colors in life. Basics in eye care: One can take an eye exam on ‘Snellen chart’. This […]

  • American Bulldog Care 101

    What you need to know about caring for your puppy When you are faced with the task of caring for your puppy, you need to know more about how to do it properly than you might first expect. Caring for your puppy can and probably will take up much of your time, so you have […]

  • Everything You Need to Know About Organic Skin Care

    There is much to be said for organic skin care. Apart from the fact that it is very, very effective, it is also very safe to use. That is a rare combination when it comes to products for skin care. However, many people still do not know how the products are organic skin. Therefore, we […]

  • How to Prevent and Care for a Horse with Ticks

    Ticks are a fear for everyone passing through grassy or forested areas. The tiny arachnids can crawl undetected under clothes and latch themselves on to any bit of skin. The threat is greater for a horse, who will not be looking for a tick and has no real way to remove them. But just what […]

  • Owning A Horse 101
    Horse Care and Maintenance to Keep a Happy, Healthy Horse

    Owning a horse is a wonderful experience when it comes to riding, shows and many other pleasures associated with horses. There is an aspect of ownership that involves maintenance, which is not always as glamorous as heading out across the countryside for a ride or parading in the horse shows to win a highly recognized […]