• Back Care For Horses – Is it Necessary Or Not?

    Most of the horses suffer from back problems due to which they look older than they actually are. Therefore, physical activity is necessary for horses. Regular workout regime builds endurance, stamina and thus safeguards the horse from various diseases. Most of the horse owners usually neglect the back problems in their horses and end up […]

  • On Caring For Your Horse’s Back

    The structure of a horse’s back is very complex and so is its function. The vertebra is surrounded as well as supported by several muscles and ligaments. Because of the complex nature of its back a horse tends to suffer from backaches. Your horse will show that it has a sore back by resenting being […]

  • Basic Horse Care
    Chronic Horse Laminitis – The Road Back to Health

    Do you worry every time you see your horse eating green grass? Do you include checking digital pulses in your daily routine? Do you have nightmares about the only farrier who knows how to trim your horse moving to another state? The list could go on and on in the life of the owner of […]