• Protecting Horses From Sleeping Sickness

    Sleeping Sickness Description In horses, sleeping sickness has three major strains. The Venezuelan strain originated from Central America and is the most deadly of all the strains. It is however the rarest strain in the U.S. with southern states more at risk than northern states. The eastern and western strains are named after the U.S. […]

  • Pet Grooming Shoes

    A pet grooming professional should be dressed appropriately for the job he or she is performing. Just because a groomer is dealing with animals doesn’t mean she can’t present herself in a manner that speaks to her professionalism as a groomer and as a successful businessperson. The proper grooming shoes are vital for a pet […]

  • Famous Race Horses – Desert Orchid Part One

    As far as famous race horses go, Desert Orchid was perhaps the most striking to look at because of his colour. This article looks at his incredible career, in which he achieved a grand total of 34 victories, something that didn’t seem possible when he fell during his very first National Hunt race. This is […]

  • Horse Betting System Basics Make a Bookie Poorer Today!

    Horse racing is synonymous with betting. Many people bet purely for the fun of it; looking at the name of the horse, the name of the jockey, or even obtuse ideas such as the birthday of the jockey. Some people take the betting on races a lot more seriously though, and many earn a living […]

  • The Care and Prevention of a Horse – Bowed Tendons

    Have you ever had a horse with a bowed tendon?  Excessive or strenuous training can easily cause injury in your horses tendon. I had never heard of a bowed tendon, so when it happened to my horse, I didn’t have any idea what to do.  It happened when I had my horse in training with an over zealous trainer […]

  • How To Best Care For Your Horse

    Horses are a friendly and majestic creature by nature. They require a large amount of affection and attention from their owners, but will return the affection and are often the best friend that a person could ask for. However, more importantly, they need to be thoroughly cared for. This can be accomplished through frequently grooming […]

  • Dogs and Horses

    All of the dogs were out early one morning, during the usual horse feeding schedule. The horses were playfully kicking up their hooves in the excitement of the cool morning air and the anticipation of breakfast. Just as usual, they were working in a fast pace around the turnout before selecting their favorite feeder bins. […]

  • Braking 101 – The Basics

    Everyone wants to go fast. When I first started biking I had to fight every urge in my body not to take off downhill as fast as possible. Luckily I started riding with a much more experienced rider who forced me to practice braking. “You’ve got to learn to walk before you can run” he […]

  • Horse Racing News Online

    Horse racing news today has many different articles on styles and types of horse breeds that have the ability to become champions. Horse racing itself has been around for many years with exciting results every time. Many different companies and large investors own horses to make thousands sometimes millions of dollars throughout the course of […]

  • Operating your own horse trainer business

    Previously you worked for a business and every month you got paid on the dot and everything was okay – nothing special but you had no uncertainties. The boss rolled up in his shiny pristine car; while you drove around in your 10 year old rusty box on wheels – plainly he was doing somewhat […]