• How to Buy a Great Horse

    Buying a horse is not an easy task, as there are so many things to think about. Why are you buying this horse? Is it purely for pleasure or will you show it in competition. There will always be way more horses available than you will have the time to see. An important issue to […]

  • Dog Grooming Business

    A dog grooming business is exposed to the mistakes and difficulties of any starting company that needs to achieve quick functionality! Good advertising and marketing strategies are the way to promoting a business efficiently. Dog grooming is often more than a job because it takes love and dedication before any form of marketing strategy. First […]

  • Dog Grooming School

    A challenging but very rewarding profession, dog grooming requires special training or education. The courses organized by a dog grooming school are the straight-forward chance of getting a job in this activity. The entire training process heavily relies on practical applications conducted under the supervision of a trainer. An understanding of the pet needs and […]

  • Choosing Right Horse Tack Supplies

    Horse tack supplies are a must-have for any horse owner. If you are planning on buying a horse, you should start by purchasing some items now, that way you will have most of what you need before you get your horse. If you already have a horse and are looking to get horse tack or […]

  • Home Away From Home at the Horse Show

    How to insure your horse is safe and comfortable when at the show If you think the show ring is stressful then you haven’t had the opportunity to settle your horse into a strange stall at a strange showgrounds. Many veteran exhibitors can attest to the fact that how well your horse settles into his […]

  • Horse News

    The field of the Equine has been in lots of stories recently. From your World Equestrian Games in the Kentucky Horse Farm to the death of Kentucky Derby winner Real Quiet to the retirement of champion filly and ’09 Horse of the Year, Rachel Alexandra that is to be carefully bred to twice Horse of […]

  • Dog Grooming Video

    A video about grooming a dog is most commonly a form of didactic material used to train people for pet care professions. In fact, this is the very specificity of most Internet courses and learning programs specialized in dog grooming. People who prefer to train for a new profession at home depend on such materials […]

  • Horse Grooming Tips
    Grooming Your Pet

    Why Grooming is Important for Your Dog Grooming is very important for your dog. If you still need to ask why, though, the answer is that grooming is necessary for your dog’s well-being, and for yours as well. Grooming your dog actually has several benefits for your dog. For one thing, a properly groomed dog […]

  • Horse Grooming Tips
    Horse First Aid Pack

    Horse supplies run the gamut from grooming products to nutritional supplements. But there is an essential horse supply that you shouldn’t leave your barn, or your saddlebag without. Horse first aid pack might be just the thing that could save your horse’s life. Hollywood had often dramatized the situation wherein the rider shoots his horse […]

  • Horse Grooming Tips
    Horse Care – Grooming

    Grooming your horse is an essential part of good horse care. Your horse will enjoy a good groom, and you will be able to see if there are any new marks, cuts or rubs on your horse. It is important to give your horse a good groom before you ride as to ensure that there […]