• Direct Sales – Are You Trying to Drag Horses to Water?

    One thing about those of us who get into direct sales – we’re an enthusiastic bunch! A tremendous number of people join the company they sell for because they attended a show, or perhaps saw the products at a booth and thought, “I love this!  I could do that!” The good news is that enthusiasm […]

  • Doing Maintenance on a Cattle Ranch

    On a cattle ranch there’s always stuff to do. Chores need to be done on a daily basis. Because, having a cattle ranch as a business, nothing can be put off til tomorrow. Tomorrow there will be something new to do. After buying or leasing grazing land, setting it up to run properly, and having […]

  • U.s. Equine Market: Feed, Health Care And Services For Horses, The

    U.S. Equine Market: Feed, Health Care and Services for Horses, The Pages : 258 There are approximately 10.5 million equines in the United States, which are used primarily for recreation and entertainment. These horses are responsible for generating over $ 40 billion per year in spending. In this one-of-a-kind report, we examine: The Horses: The […]

  • Equine Law – An Overview

    Equine law covers a wide range of areas involving horses. Equine law focuses on the buying and selling of horses, horse riding injuries, compensation claims, equestrian properties, horse related disputes, veterinary malpractice and equestrian businesses. The body which governs equine activities is the British Equestrian Federation and the body that deals with the trade of […]

  • How To Make Loads Of Money On The Horses

    Horse racing is an amazing pastime. The rationale why so many individiuals like horse racing is because not only is it a huge amount of fun but it also gives us a good chance to produce a great amount of cash. Imagine making loads of extra money from doing something you love. Whether it’s watching […]

  • Horse Care Guide
    Worming Horses

    There are several worms and internal parasites that infect horses. People who own horses are normally under the impression that if a horse performs well and is fat, it does not have to be treated for worms. However, even if worms are present in a small amount, they have the potential to cause permanent and […]

  • Horse Care Guide
    Equine Saddle Pads

    It is important that you take good care of the equine saddle pads that you use for your horse. The health of your animal as well as the life of the saddle pads are both at stake if you do not properly maintain them. Dirt, sweat, and other nasty substances can accumulate on the pads […]

  • Horse Care Guide
    Zeroing in on Horse Maintenance and Care

    As someone who truly embraces the equestrian lifestyle, one of the most important things to do is make sure that your horse is well cared for. Horse riding is so much more than a sport or hobby. Horse riding embraces a friendship between you and your horse and is highly rooted in your love for […]

  • Horse Care Guide
    Horses in Rome

    When You book a nice apartment in Rome Apartment in Rome, with us You’ll realize  how beautiful and magic this city is. Veterinary science may have arisen before the medical science, as the ancient people throughout the world who had tamed many animals and having such a vital importance to their economy, must be learned […]