• Basic Ferret Care

    Bringing home a pet ferret can add fun and excitement to your household. Ferrets have enough love for each member of your family, and will insist on attention from every one of you. Although ferrets are known for their fun-loving nature, they are actually high maintenance animals to keep as pets. The better you inform […]

  • Equine Assisted Learning, Self Awareness

    BUILDING SELF AWARENESS THE NATURAL WAY HUMAN DEVELOPMENT THROUGH THE PRESENCE, WISDOM AND GUIDANCE OF THE HORSE Equine Assisted Learning (EAL; equine = horse) – as it is called here at the SeaHorse Centre – is a program tailored to nurture wellness and to discover our full human potential. In general “horse assisted learning” or […]

  • Friesian Horse

    Spelling and usage In English, the word indicating origin from the Friesland region is typically spelled “Frisian.” However, the alternative spelling with an extra “e” is used for Friesian cattle. During much of the history of the Friesch Paarden Stamboek breed registry, most breeders of the horses also were breeders of dairy cattle and the […]

  • Famous Race Horses – Red Rum Part Two

    This is the second in a three-part series of article written by me about the famous race horse Red Rum. You may remember that Part One of this article ended with Ginger McCain purchasing the soon-to-be superstar horse at the end of the 1972 National Hunt season. Part Two of this series now looks at […]

  • Several things about equine veterinarian

    There are many veterinarians that work in a private practice. The percentage reaches 80% and you will find 6% among them focusing on horses. This number is got from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. When you want o be an equine veterinarian, you should be able to accept on-call emergencies, to perform the examinations, to […]

  • Protecting Horses From Sleeping Sickness

    Sleeping Sickness Description In horses, sleeping sickness has three major strains. The Venezuelan strain originated from Central America and is the most deadly of all the strains. It is however the rarest strain in the U.S. with southern states more at risk than northern states. The eastern and western strains are named after the U.S. […]

  • Famous Race Horses – Desert Orchid Part One

    As far as famous race horses go, Desert Orchid was perhaps the most striking to look at because of his colour. This article looks at his incredible career, in which he achieved a grand total of 34 victories, something that didn’t seem possible when he fell during his very first National Hunt race. This is […]

  • Dogs and Horses

    All of the dogs were out early one morning, during the usual horse feeding schedule. The horses were playfully kicking up their hooves in the excitement of the cool morning air and the anticipation of breakfast. Just as usual, they were working in a fast pace around the turnout before selecting their favorite feeder bins. […]

  • Learning to ride a horse

    Learning to ride a horse can be an exciting yet scary experience. It can also be very dangerous if you’re not careful and don’t take the necessary precautions to ensure a safe riding experience. Even if you have some experience trail riding, it’s helpful to get some tips before you begin riding on your own. […]