• Spanish Language Beginners

    There seems to be a ton of websites that offer you courses on how to speak Spanish. Some courses are free and some are not, but there is a world of opportunity for you to take advantage of and to learn the language at home. You will come across sites that assume you already know […]

  • Horse Riding Holidays

    Horse riding is a very popular way of keeping fit and seeing the great outdoors. Anyone can learn how to ride a horse, it is never really too late. There are horse riding classes for beginners, intermediate and the most experienced riders. You don’t have to ride competitively; you can just ride for the love […]

  • Choosing A Horse Riding Vacation

    This year you have decided to go on a horse riding tour but you are unsure what sort of trip to choose. There seem to be endless choices, however in reality, it can be broken down into just a few holiday types and your own experience. There are adventure holidays where you might go on […]

  • Horse Trailer Towing Tips

    When a horse needs to be transported, the driver moving the horse needs to be adequately equipped to handle such a situation. Three important considerations come to mind when transporting a horse. The driver should have an understanding of the type horse they are moving (since some are more spirited than others), the horse trailer […]

  • How to Prevent and Care for a Horse with Ticks

    Ticks are a fear for everyone passing through grassy or forested areas. The tiny arachnids can crawl undetected under clothes and latch themselves on to any bit of skin. The threat is greater for a horse, who will not be looking for a tick and has no real way to remove them. But just what […]

  • Basic Horse Care
    Horse Riding ? 10 Valuable Tips for Beginners

    Horse riding can be addressed as a sport for equestrians, leisure past time for some, or a mode of transportation to others. Riding a horse is not as easy as it sounds.  A rider will need to undergo basic trainings and lots of practice. An experienced and professional horse rider can help assist beginners on […]

  • Basic Horse Care
    Horse Plush Toy

    Next to the teddy bear, a horse plush toy is one very popular stuffed animal. Given most children (and even some adults) wish for a pony when they’re young, that is one wish that often doesn’t come true simply given the expense of both purchasing and keeping a horse. Even though a horse plush toy […]

  • Basic Horse Care
    Horse Racing Tips for Beginners – The Sportsman

    For many of us (in fact half the adult population) having a bet on the Grand National is about the extent of betting on horseracing but what about if you fancy taking a jump into this jargon fuelled minefield? There is no question that being a beginner in horseracing betting is very daunting indeed as […]

  • Basic Horse Care
    Looking at Draft Horse Riding

    Although they were specifically bred to pull a plow or a carriage, you may be surprised to find that large draft horses can be ridden as well! Draft horses are known for their heavy build and impressive strength, but this does not work against them at all when it comes to riding for pleasure or even […]

  • Basic Horse Care
    How to Prevent and Care for a Horse with Colic Problems

    With up to ten percent of all horse experiencing some form it each year, colic is likely going to be a health concern every horse owner will run into. Caused by any number of different things, colic is only a symptom of a greater condition, often something blocking the intestines. It’s important to be able […]