• Some Betting Strategies For Horse Racing!

    Gambling is an addictive game and a lot of people think that horse racing betting is not a very good idea. However if you take calculated risks then betting is not great a risk as you think it is. A person who is reckless is likely to lose a lot of money as compared top […]

  • Feeding tips for a healthier horse in winter

    Taking care for your horse is a obligation for the entire year, although in winter you need to pay attention to some distinguishing things that are very substantial if you like your animal to be in good condition and satisfied as well.  See these advices step by step, as you are learning the tips for […]

  • Horse Betting System Basics Make a Bookie Poorer Today!

    Horse racing is synonymous with betting. Many people bet purely for the fun of it; looking at the name of the horse, the name of the jockey, or even obtuse ideas such as the birthday of the jockey. Some people take the betting on races a lot more seriously though, and many earn a living […]

  • The Care and Prevention of a Horse – Bowed Tendons

    Have you ever had a horse with a bowed tendon?  Excessive or strenuous training can easily cause injury in your horses tendon. I had never heard of a bowed tendon, so when it happened to my horse, I didn’t have any idea what to do.  It happened when I had my horse in training with an over zealous trainer […]

  • Braking 101 – The Basics

    Everyone wants to go fast. When I first started biking I had to fight every urge in my body not to take off downhill as fast as possible. Luckily I started riding with a much more experienced rider who forced me to practice braking. “You’ve got to learn to walk before you can run” he […]

  • Novelty Horse Jumps

    Just because you ride a show horse, doesn’t mean that your whole life has to be serious. While taking care of such a large creature is also a major responsibility, there are many ways that you can enjoy your rides and your training exercises to physically prepare your horse for competition without mentally boring yourself […]

  • Everything you need to know about Patio Swings

    Patio swings are fun pieces of patio furnishings that can be used in the garden or on the deck. A patio swing is the right place for having fun with an e book on a lazy day or watching the sun set. If hammocks are your factor, do not let a small yard or immature […]

  • Everything You Need To Know About Eye Care

    Eye is the most delicate sensory organ in our body and what makes it precious is its complexity and functioning. Undoubtedly, an eye is an indispensable part of our body without which, one cannot appreciate the importance of colors in life. Basics in eye care: One can take an eye exam on ‘Snellen chart’. This […]

  • American Bulldog Care 101

    What you need to know about caring for your puppy When you are faced with the task of caring for your puppy, you need to know more about how to do it properly than you might first expect. Caring for your puppy can and probably will take up much of your time, so you have […]

  • Everything You Need to Know About Organic Skin Care

    There is much to be said for organic skin care. Apart from the fact that it is very, very effective, it is also very safe to use. That is a rare combination when it comes to products for skin care. However, many people still do not know how the products are organic skin. Therefore, we […]