If you are just starting out in the gardening world, you have a lot to learn. There are many tricks and techniques that you will develop over time that will make your garden more beautiful and productive. There are a few tools however that you need to learn about early on. These tools can save you a lot time and effort in the garden. One tool that every gardener should have is a garden tiller.

Garden tillers can be used to turn over soil and prepare beds for planting. They help to keep your soil loose and filled with air. This allows your plants to establish strong root systems. A garden tiller saves you the hassle of having to turn over dirt on your own using only a shovel. Depending on the model selected they can break up most kinds of soil and save you a lot of time.

Tillers use rotating blades to break up the soil. These blades are known as tines. The tines basically move in a circular fashion and break up and turn over soil. Tillers are typically classified by the positioning of their tines. Front tine tillers have the tines at the front end of the tiller. They are less expensive than rear tine tillers and are a great choice for smaller jobs. Rear tine tillers tend to be a little more effective than front tine models. They have a set of self propelled wheels in the front and the tines in the back. Rear tine tillers also typically have various gears and settings and can work in forward or reverse.

As you start looking at garden tillers you will find that price can vary a lot. One thing that determines price is the amount of power that a tiller has. Smaller, light duty tillers might only have a 1 or a 2 horsepower engine. These tillers are great for smaller gardens, but are not a good choice if you have a large area to work with. Heavy duty tillers tend to have more horsepower and can work their way through more difficult soil types.
Tillers can be electric or gas powered. Both work well and it is really up to preference which type you will choose. Remember that electric tillers will need to be plugged in when in use, which makes them a good choice for mid sized yards and gardens. If you have a lot of property, you might find that the cordless flexibility of a gas tiller is better for your situation. Gas tillers do require a little more maintenance than an electric tiller since they need to have their fuel lines drained each year.

When using a garden tiller there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. They work best in dry soil, so that they can easily break up clumps. If you are planning on using a tiller, wait a few days from the last watering to ensure that you won”t have problems with mud or overly moist soil. In difficult, hard soil you will have to move slowly, especially if you are using a front tine tiller.

It is also a good idea to prepare the garden area before using a tiller. If you go over weeds with a tiller you will simply spread the seeds throughout your garden. This might result in an abundance of weeds a few weeks later. Pull any weeds before using the tiller. Also pick up rocks and sticks and break up large dirt clods with a shovel. This will make the process much simpler. Also avoid plants and trees to ensure that you don”t damage the fragile root systems.

Garden tillers can be one of your biggest helps in the garden. If you haven”t tried a tiller yet, make sure that you do. You will love how easy they make preparing your garden and you will save a ton of time. Plus, using a tiller is much less tiring than trying to turn over flowerbeds by hand.
One of the best garden tillers for the home gardener is the Mantis tiller. This easy to use garden tiller is perfect for the home gardener and it wont be long beforeyou are creating whole new garden areas ready for planting with little effort.

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