There are many things that have to be done. Firstly, it is shopping for the grooming supplies. Make sure you purchase everything you need to handle the task in the best way possible. It doesn’t have to be a chore either. It can be fun and a way to bond with your friend.

Of course, you will have to have a good quality shampoo. Try not to use shampoos intended for humans. This can dull their coat and dry out their skin. That will result in flaking like dandruff. Make sure you also invest in a special conditioner for their coat. It will moisturize the skin and make the coat shiny and healthy. You will also need a special nail clipper to trim their nails. Additionally, a good brush for the type of coat they have is of essence.

You must make it a habit of grooming your dog each day. Not only will it avoided from shedding, it will avoid tangles and matting from occurring. And doing it every day will keep your dog cleaner by removing the dirt, dust and debris.

Preparing for the bath should be something pleasant. Have all supplies within reach. Keep the mood calm and happy so that your dog is stress free. Definitely brush your dog before the bath as the matting and tangles will worsen when wet. Then, wet your dog from the neck down, not forgetting the tummy with the right temperature water. To make things more pleasant and easier for you and the pet, try to leave the head for last. Many dogs abhor their head getting wet.

When he is completely wet, apply a good amount of shampoo and a lather it up. To make the baths more pleasant, massage him as you wash. Rinse and repeat. On the final rinse, ensure that he is very well rinsed off without any residue which will cause irritation.

Make sure you have his towel ready and within reach. Thoroughly towel dry him and then use the blow dryer. Not only will it help to dry faster, it will avoid diseases as well. Once the bath is completed, you should proceed with the pedicure.

If your dogs nails are long, it will cause him discomfort. In addition to that, he can damage your home with them, especially if you have wood floors. However, many dogs spend lots of time walking and running on pavement. If so, you probably won’t need to cut or file his nails. But if they are long, it is important that you trim them with a special clippers and possibly file them down as well.

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