Most of the horses suffer from back problems due to which they look older than they actually are. Therefore, physical activity is necessary for horses. Regular workout regime builds endurance, stamina and thus safeguards the horse from various diseases.

Most of the horse owners usually neglect the back problems in their horses and end up addressing various other problems such as intractableness, bucking and irritability. Sore on the back of a horse is a common back problem. Such infections need to receive immediate medical attention, as this might spread all over the back of the horse and gradually may reach to the spine resulting in paralysis.

Horses also suffer from back anguishes because of poor riding habits, improper training provided by unskilled owners or trainers and due to unconventional balancing caused during improper exercise regime.

Therefore, the owner or the trainer has to deliver professionalism in training the horses in a proper manner to prevent the onset of back problems in horse. The most illustrious fitness exercise for a horse’s back is regular stretching, which helps the horse in maintaining a flexible body. 

For stretching, you may do regular pulling of the tail in a gentle manner. This exercise regime will help in strengthening the spine of the horse. People, who wish to have their horses participate in sports and other fitness shows need to compulsorily make their horses do stretching exercises.

Given below are a few of the vital exercises, that will help avoid severe back problems in horses:

A leg of the horse is the most useful and strongest part. Due to this, horses need to perform fitness exercises for curling the lower portion of the legs and the pelvic region. This strengthens the legs and increases the flexibility, thus safeguarding the horses from spraining their legs often.

Likewise, the owner can maintain the flexibility and the gracefulness of the legs and it’s back by sit up exercises like bending the front and the hind knees. This exercise is best if accompanied with galloping over the hurdle frames and making the horse stand on hind legs, thus strengthening the legs and the back.

Take the horse for a casual walk especially, on the hills, as trotting along the hilly slopes will surely help develop a stronger back. Another ace exercise for your horse’s back is to stand at the back of your horse and place the fingernails on either sides of the back and slowly scratch in a rotational manner forming a circle.

Follow these exercise routines on a regular basis, as this will keep your horse active and healthy, so as to perform better in races and other sport events.

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