The structure of a horse’s back is very complex and so is its function. The vertebra is surrounded as well as supported by several muscles and ligaments. Because of the complex nature of its back a horse tends to suffer from backaches. Your horse will show that it has a sore back by resenting being saddled or if it bucks and shakes its head and in a number of other ways. Sore backs can be very painful for your horse and could also be due to deformities in its vertebra, due to soft tissue injuries, fractures, lesions, prolapsed disc, spondylosis, osteoarthritis, pinched nerves and others. Rest is one of the cures besides replacing its saddle and new set of saddlepads or numnahs. More serious cases are tackled by medications, muscle relaxants, physiotherapy, natural medicine and acupuncture.

Excellent British made saddlepads and numnahs are available in a large range of products for your selection. The better ones are made of 5 oz quilt. These quilts have a rolled edge. These are very smart and durable and available in different styles and color besides sizes. The different styles are DR or dressage, GP and WH or working hunter. The sizes cover right from small to medium and large as well as extra large. So if your horse has a sensitive back you could pick saddlepads that are especially made more such cases.

Half numnahs are also available in very fine quality. These generally have wool on both the sides. This ensures that there is a good contact between the legs with your horse as well as a soft cushion that protects the pressure points from hurting the horse. These half numnahs further serve to reduce the pressure due to the saddle thereby offering relief to your horse that suffers from a chronic case of a sensitive back. There are half numnahs made in single wool for horses with a high wither. These could be used separately or with a pad in case necessary. Made of wool these are placed below the 5 oz quilt in order that your horse’s back is protected.

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