Horse riding is a very popular way of keeping fit and seeing the great outdoors. Anyone can learn how to ride a horse, it is never really too late. There are horse riding classes for beginners, intermediate and the most experienced riders. You don’t have to ride competitively; you can just ride for the love of it. Horses are beautiful creatures, and they have been used for many years as a form of transport. Today, they are still used as a form of transport in policing, and for weddings and other special occasions. In some parts of the world, people still use them as a major form of transport, especially in the wilderness. Horse lovers can travel all over the world and go on specialist horse riding holidays. There are even holidays that are specifically for learning how to ride a horse.

What are horse riding holidays?

Horse riding holidays, are just like ordinary holidays, however you get to experience, beautiful scenery and whilst riding a horse. You can go on safari holidays; you can ride along the beach as well as mountain treks. There are a whole host of things you can do whilst on a horse riding holiday. You also get to meet a wide range of people with different abilities when it comes to horse riding.

Is Horse Riding Safe?

Horse riding is safe; however like any form of sport or activity, there are risks. You must make sure that you wear your safety gear at all times. If you are a beginner you will be shown how to put on all your safety gear. It is very important to wear safety equipment at all times whilst riding, to prevent serious injury in the event of an accident.

Where can you Go Horse Riding?

Most horse riding takes place in fields, there are horse riding schools in most areas, and majority of them can be found online or in your local paper or business directory. If you wish to go on a horse riding holiday, there are so many destinations to choose from, all over the world. Horse riding trips take place all over the UK, the United States, and even Africa. Africa has some of the most beautiful scenery, for an experienced rider, it can be breath-taking to ride through the beaches and across the safari landscape, of places like, Kenya and South Africa.

Is Horse Riding good for everyone?

Some people are afraid of animals and think that horse riding would not be right for them. However; most people who take the plunge and start learning how to ride a horse, always change their mind in the end. Horse riding can be challenging to learn, but once it is mastered it can be a wonderful skill to have. offers Horse Riding Holidays . We’re priced for a competitive market; visit us today for more information on Horse Riding Ireland


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