This year you have decided to go on a horse riding tour but you are unsure what sort of trip to choose. There seem to be endless choices, however in reality, it can be broken down into just a few holiday types and your own experience. There are adventure holidays where you might go on safari in Africa, ranch holidays where you get to round up cattle and sing round the camp fire, trail riding holidays where you ride on a variety of terrain all day and there are training holidays where you have tuition to improve your riding skills. With so much choice and so many wonderful countries to visit, it can be quite a difficult decision but do take into account your own riding ability.

If you are of the adventurous sort, an adventure holiday on horseback will really get the adrenalin pumping and if you go to Africa, you will get to ride among the game and perhaps see some or all of ‘the big five’. There are several countries to choose from and your accommodation ranges from camping to luxury lodges. Be prepared to be in the saddle for around 5 hours per day, so you will need to be riding fit. Terrain will be varied depending on the country and ranges from savannah to desert to coastline.

Ranching holidays can be all action roundup or trail riding over magnificent terrain. You can choose ranches in the USA, Canada or South America. There are a variety of other activities to take part in as well and some ranches are suitable for non riders. A visit to a real live rodeo could be one of your things to do, so time it right to fit one in.

If endurance or treck are more your style, there are many trail riding holidays taking in some of the most spectacular areas of the world. Follow in the footsteps of Genghis Khan, the conquistadors or the man from Snowy River to name but a few. The world really is your oyster here and the variety of countries offering trail riding holidays is as varied and exciting as the riding itself.

You may prefer some intensive training to hone your skills. There are training centres of excellence throughout Europe as well as further afield. Dressage, show jumping and cross country training can be included and you will be able to improve your riding in any or all of these disciplines. You may prefer to go to Argentina for some polo training. So whether you are just a beginner or a really experienced rider, there is training suitable for your level.

When choosing a horse riding holiday, do consider what you want to experience, ask yourself if the riding is all important or do you want to do other things as well. Perhaps you have your children and non riding partner coming with you, what will they do whilst you are riding? Do be honest about your abilities, there is no point in pretending to be something you are not and you could end up either injuring or frightening yourself, neither or which makes for an enjoyable holiday. Do check that your holiday company is fully covered by guarantees (bonded and insured). Make sure you have adequate insurance for yourself. Find out as much as possible about the region you are travelling to so that you can make an informed choice and have an enjoyable holiday.

If you are into horse riding as a hobby then the thought of having a holiday on horseback may well have crossed your mind. But as with all types of holidays there is just so much to bear in mind. Graham has had a pretty good view of all this through the years and has spotted a really good source for horse riding holidays at Check it out for yourself.

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