One of the best ways to relax is horse riding which can be very rewarding, if accompanied by an active horse. You can get the best of your horse riding time by keeping your horse well groomed.

If you own a horse you probably understand how huge a responsibility it is. So you try and do everything to keep your horse healthy and fit. It is an asset to you when you go riding along with many and a companion to share your precious time with, when you are alone regardless of the fact that it can’t speak. Riding a horse is a delightful experience and you must take good care of your horse to enjoy many such moments. You do everything to make your horse look stunning. You must have bought soft rubber curries to take the mud off and hoof picks which can clean the hooves thoroughly with a long bristle brush to keep your horse tidy and ready to ride away. To keep your horse healthy, you give it nutritious fodder straight from the pasture to eat and crunchy grain to nibble.

Other than keeping your horse clean and fed, have you ever thought of major necessities? If your horse is quite athletic, it needs to be fed more than just forage. Fodder may be the best food for them but it is not sufficient when it comes to nutrition. Horses need many supplements like vitamins and minerals which they don’t get from fodder. You should consider the well being of your horse and give it enough supplements like amino acid, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. These supplements keep their joints, bones, ligaments and cartilage fit and healthy. If your horse is extensively active, it may get dehydrated quickly and all you provide it is a bucket full of water which is not enough to control the fluid balance within the body. You can rejuvenate your horse by giving it electrolyte solutions which help in maintaining the body fluids. The supplements can be easily dissolved in water and mixed with fodder.

Horses are used in a variety of sporting events like horse race, polo, horse show jumping, horse dressage and jousting. You must have a first aid box for your horse to keep treat cuts, sunburns, sand cracks, scrapes any other bacterial infections. You can buy bell boots, sports medicine boots, sports boots or splint boots which are used for protecting the hooves, joints and splints. Cooling jerseys absorb the sweat from the body of the horse in summers whereas sheets and blankets keep it warm in chilly winter. Fly masks and fly sheets protect your horse from flies which can cause injuries in the nostrils, eyes and ears of your horse resulting in numerous skin diseases.

When you have a fit and well groomed horse, you need many accessories to enjoy a great ride. You must have a saddle that fits both you and your horse. You can accessorize your ride with equipment like bridle, halter and reins to take control over your horse. Other basic equipment you need are stirrups, protective helmets and riding boots. You can also purchase horse riding apparel which consists of riding breaches paired with tall boots or paddock boots. Many women wear a shirt with a stock pin at the collar and men wear a long sleeved button-down shirt. You can team these up with short and trim riding gloves.

If you want to keep your horse active and healthy, you can search the Internet and find companies that provide horse care equipment to help your horse stand out among the other.

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