After you have done all the necessary ground work to prepare a horse for riding. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you need to get on right away. Trust me you can wreck everything real quick and have to start all over again depending on the horse. Actually the more ground work you do with the saddle on the easier it will be to get on successfully in the long run. I’ve heard old guys say aww cowboy go on and get on. Nope not me I’ll wait and take my time with my horse I’ll get on when I think he’s ready not when I think I’m ready. Preparation is the key, the more time you take the better. You’ll know when your horse is ready because he’ll tell with his body language. He wont be skittish or nervous he be standing still with his hind leg in a relaxed position like there’s not a care in the world with both ears and eyes on you.

When you decide your horse is ready make sure he’s standing square so you don’t cause him to be out of balance when getting on. Again make preparation stick one foot in the stirrup on the left side an then take it out ( watch your horse) Stick your foot in again a lil bit longer this time and see how your horse reacts if he’s standing still the rub him to let him know great job. Stick your foot back in this time and bounce on one foot putting a little weight in the stirrup 1…2…3…4… like you’re about to climb up then stop… wait a couple of seconds and do it again. Remember don’t preceded further with an exercise if your horse is not showing you that he is relaxed, every horse is gonna be different. Next put your foot in the stirrup bounce then stand in the stirrup for about 5 seconds then step down repeat this with each time standing a little longer. When he’s relaxed with this exercise then move on. This time when you stand in the stirrup lean gently over the saddle and rub him on the shoulder, neck and back to the hindquarters then step down and repeat the steps again. Now go to the right side of your horse and to all the exercises again. What you do on one side you have to do it on the other.

Once you have done this ground preparation and you feel your horse is relaxed and comfortable with all the exercises then I think its safe to say you can get on.
I will give more details in my next segment.

Horse traning made simple is based on the belief that you can build a balanced relationship with your horse using simple but assertive methods that result in gaining trust and respect from your horse. I consult and provide helpful information & resources to enhance your horsemanship.

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