Horses are a friendly and majestic creature by nature. They require a large amount of affection and attention from their owners, but will return the affection and are often the best friend that a person could ask for. However, more importantly, they need to be thoroughly cared for. This can be accomplished through frequently grooming your horse, along with keeping their stall clean. A good grooming process involves brushing their mane and tail, picking hooves, and brushing your horse with a hard brush and then a soft one.

Your horse will live the majority of its life in its stall, so it is crucial that the stall’s conditions are up to par. This means that their stall should be clean and comfortable at all times. The best way to accomplish this is through the use of quality dust free horse bedding. Horse stalls need to be consistently cleaned. Otherwise, the stall can attract germs, insects, and can lead to hoof problems. Breathing ammonia from urine saturated bedding can also be very harmful to your horse’s health.

It is recommended to clean or muck out your horse’s stall on a daily basis, but you will need to completely change the bedding much less frequently. The frequency of a complete clean will depend largely on how often your horse is in their stall. If you replace the bedding that you have taken out after mucking, this will ensure the longest life of your bedding. Most horse owners do a full clean out about every week to every four weeks. After you remove the bedding, you will want to disinfect the floor with a quality disinfectant to eliminate germs and bacteria.

Premium horse bedding ensures that your horse stays healthy, comfortable, and warm throughout the year. Make sure to find ultra compressed bedding that is very dry in nature and dust-free. It is best to use pure shavings that do not contain chemicals, such as sealants or wood fillers, which can be harmful to your horse.

There are a number of products available to keep your horse’s stall clean and comfortable. However, horse bedding is usually sufficient, affordable, and easy to find. You can easily find quality horse bedding at your local horse supply store or online. It is very affordable and only needs to be changed out every week or so. For cold winter months, it is advisable to also put a horse blanket in the stall to provide added warmth for your horse.

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