Okay, so you care about your grooming, image and lifestyle. I get it. You want to be successful in men’s grooming and take your image to the stratosphere. I know how you feel. I’ve been there. At this stage, you’ve got to pat your back on the back because you’ve personally committed to men’s grooming and want to be successful with it. You’re ahead of over 90% of males out there. Proper men’s grooming will do wonders for your confidence and image. So today, I’m going to share 5 steps for success in men’s grooming. So what are they…

1. Men’s Skin Care

You see, a man’s face is his #1 asset. This is where attention is placed on men…Or any man in fact. Surveys show this to be true because of “lack of features” for men. Example: We don’t have legs to show. So your facial skin care is of utmost important. And men, we know, sweat more than women. Which means…We have dirtier skin because of our larger pores.

The step to success: Get a facial regularly. It’ll help you look years younger and prevent wrinkles like no other method. It’s not difficult to create your own scrub. I would recommend it. But… products do exist – like Nivea For Men. If you create your own facial to apply once per week, the advantage is that you can use natural organic ingredients for positive long-term benefits to your men look.

2. Men’s Shaving

There are 3 keys to getting a close shave: Use the techniques of old – a brush and cream. You’ll get an amazing lather. It’ll lift your hairs right up. Wet shave – ideally, shave after a hot shower, and lastly, exfoliate your skin (scrub off dead skin) before shaving. You’ll have a noticeably super-close shave. Excellent shaving techniques are essential in men’s grooming.

3. Prevent baldness.

Nobody wants to go bald. After all, with hair, you have the option of a buzz cut if that’s what suits you. A men’s grooming secret strategy from the World Book of Health Secrets to prevent baldness is to keep yourself well hydrated. Most men are dehydrated. No wonder the majority of men lose hair. Drink water throughout the day. Your energy levels will increase and your skin will look much better as well.

4. Men’s short hair styles.

Consider a short hair style. The faux-hawk is in, as is a #3 and #4 buzz cut. A study done at Yale University shows that men with short hair are found to be more attractive by women. Short hair can make any men look great – it’s in, and people find short hair attractive…Even Orlando Bloom.

5. Eye care.

You might be thinking…Why is eye care essential when it comes to men’s grooming!? Well for one, redness in eyes don’t look good. And again, our facial features really get noticed. Splash your eyes with semi-cold water 5 times a day…Many doctors recommend this. Did you know that wrinkles first appear under the eyes? With dry eyes, your eyes will strain and wrinkles, fine lines and bags will show up sooner than you may expect. So keep your eyes well hydrated to prevent strain. Apply a face cream with vitamin E and natural elements like aloe under your eyes daily. The skin under the eyes is very thin so take good care of it before it washes up completely.

So there you have it. Top 5 success tips in men’s grooming. It’s obvious that some of these secrets I’m sharing are… Let’s say – unorthodox. But let me ask you this: Since when did buying the new post-shave lotion attract women to you? Or when did people notice you look sharp after putting it on? Think about it.

For improving your looks there is a lot of stuff out there. But nothing else makes sense once you learn our insider tips & tricks. To improve your image and discover real ‘secrets’ most men will never know about men’s grooming & men’s beauty… Sign up right now for the FREE “Men’s Grooming Today” online newsletter here: http://www.mensgroomingtoday.com

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