Many people love the thrill associated with horse racing and the euphoric feeling when your horse reaches the finish line first is indescribable. But not every single bet can turn out to be a winner and there are professional who follow certain strategies to win in this game. The gradual increase in the number of horse race betting systemson the Internet has led to the common man getting completely baffled when it come to selecting the system he would like to place his bets on. There are two tips that can actually help you choose a system that can guarantee you great profits: 1A betting system that can churn out profits and can even return you your money if promised. 2Test this system by placing false bets to see how the system operates before you use real money. In case it fails to work as promised you can easily claim a refund and use this money to test some other race betting system. Factors to consider when making your own betting system: 1.The form of the horse you bet on is very crucial and if the horse has been out of form in the recent past it is better to stay away from it. 2.You must follow closely the strike rate of trainers and jockeys and select those who have been invincible lately. 3.The potential of the horse to win in the existing conditions and the distance of the current race are two important considerations that need to be analyzed before you take the risk. Tips for winning: 1.Always go by a formula for winning the race and do not rely on guesswork. Past winners will tell you there is a slight element of luck involved but most of it is the formula you adopt. Extensive research is required to make this formula successful. 2.Take advice from professional gamblers in this field. 3.Never take recourse to complicated formulae because these do not always guarantee results. 4.Be aware of your own strike rate because the higher that is the greater are the chances of winning. 5.Before betting carry out exhaustive research on the system. 6.In order to win you must think of the following: 1Look at the price and evaluate how much you can actually spend without taking too much of a risk. 2You must choose whether this is an underpriced or overpriced bet. 3You have to decide how to bet using single or multiple combinations. Always remember, it is still just a game and do not go overboard with the whole gambling thing. It is always advisable to go easy on the dice.

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