On a cattle ranch there’s always stuff to do. Chores need to be done on a daily basis. Because, having a cattle ranch as a business, nothing can be put off til tomorrow. Tomorrow there will be something new to do.

After buying or leasing grazing land, setting it up to run properly, and having selected the cattle, work must be done daily to ensure a profit off the investment. This work includes doing the maintenance on the equipment. The equipment that will assist in helping with the herd and the property of the ranch.

A lot of equipment do different things for different reasons. On a cattle ranch, tractors are needed to move dirt around and to help maintain the roads used to drive the truck and trailer that haul the cattle and feed, like hay and grains. A tractor with different tools, can also churn the ground up in pastures, helping regrow grass that the cattle feed on.

Making a schedule to change oil, lube the joints and replace the filters on the tractor is a must. Because tractors are expensive and their parts are equally expensive as well.

Some care needs to be monitored on the horses that help out on the cattle ranch. Horses are wonderful creatures. They not only help track and find the herd, they also become friends to those that work with them. They are intelligent animals and will work well with anyone that treats them right.

A good way to treat them is to everyday check their shoes. A horse shoe needs to be on each hoof. When shoeing a horse, the hooves need to be trimmed and filed as well. Shoeing should be on a schedule as well.

Other than shoeing the horse, before and after riding a horse, they need to be brushed. Horses should be brushed regularly. The up keep of a horse is worth time and energy. On a cattle ranch, horses usually become the ranchers best friend.

If 4wheelers are used, then they as well need to be on a scheduled maintenance plan. Check tires, change oil, change filters and anything else that the manual states to do.

A cattle ranch is only as strong as the equipment that run it. Keep up on the maintenance of the equipment, and the ranch well run smoothly.

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