Eye is the most delicate sensory organ in our body and what makes it precious is its complexity and functioning. Undoubtedly, an eye is an indispensable part of our body without which, one cannot appreciate the importance of colors in life.

Basics in eye care: One can take an eye exam on ‘Snellen chart’. This is helpful in detecting the visual acuity. This technique is named after a Dutch ophthalmologist named ‘Herman Snellen’. This chart for eye exam was developed in the year of 1862 and till today, many find this traditional technique very beneficial.

Eye Care Terminologies: There are many different terminologies in eye care and three important ones are described below:

Eye Care Environmental Pollution: This is a major culprit for eye damage across the world. The pollution can be water-borne or air-borne. Majority of these are industrial smokes, automobile exhausts, smoking chimneys and sewage affluent.

Nutrition to Healthy Eyes: It is amongst the most frequently asked questions for eye care. Logically, a well balance diet is sufficient for keeping your eyes healthy and supple. However, vitamin A intake is advised for those people, who suffer from eye ailments. In fact, consuming vitamin A rich diet is beneficial for your eyes.

Anatomy of Eye Balls: It is useful for studies related with the eyeball.

Eye Conditions: There are various types of eye conditions and these include amblyopia, bells palsy, hyperopia, chalazoin, nystagmus, peripheral vision, ocular hypertension, optic neuropathy, photophobia, pinguecule, strabismus, presbyopia and stye. Below discussed are a few of them:

Amblyopia: It creates symptoms like defects in eye vision and is caused due to ‘strabismus’, which results due to general imbalance in positioning of eyes. Treatments for amblyopia are effective if dealt at early stages. Generally, treatments for amblyopia are carried at ages below seven.

Optic Neuropathy: Its major symptoms include an onset of gradual loss of vision and in some cases, it is followed with a sudden loss of vision. Patients with Optic Neuropathy may complaint about blur and dark vision. It occurs due to inflammation in the optic nerve. And in most cases, surgery is not the cure to optic neuropathy.

Stye: Stye occurs as an inflammation to eyelids. It shows up at both outside as well as inside the eyelids. In fact, around 90% to 95% of the Styes occur due to bacteria. Surgery is possible in Stye, as most of the times, medicines alone fail to cure the condition.

Eye Diseases: Did you know? That in fact, there are more than 15 various types of eye diseases. Some of the common among them are cataract, cross eye, conjunctivitis, diabetes eye, dry eyes, diabetic retinopathy, eye herpes, floaters eye, flashing eye, glaucoma, myopia, macular degeneration, pink eye, squint, retinal detachment and uveitis.

Thus, you need to take utmost care of your eyes to prevent these conditions and diseases of eyes.

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