Horseback riding has become one of the most popular outdoor activities across the United States; with thousands of young teens taking up the hobby. With horse back riding’s increase in popularity, so has the market for horse saddles. Western horse saddles are one of the few more popular styles. They are equipped for all of your riding needs. No matter what saddle you use, it should always be fitted properly.

Western horse saddles that are not on correctly can cause a host of problems. A horse that is not fitted correctly can become agitated which increases the likelihood of an accident. An improperly installed saddle can also put pressure on the gullet of the horse, causing the horse to have breathing problems. This can lead to poor performance on the course or the track. Horses can also receive saddle sores from saddles that are attached too tightly. Poorly fitted saddles can also cause the horse to have back problems which include muscle, ligament, and tissue damage.

Western horse saddles can alleviate problems when properly fitted.

Steps for a proper fit

The steps for fitting your horse with Western saddles include the following:

1. Take the horse saddle and place ir on the back of your horse. (on top of a one-inch thick saddle pad).

2. Next tighten the cinch of the saddle to make sure it is snug on the horse but still comfortable. If the cinch is too short, do not get rid of saddles. Instead, purchase a longer, replacement cinch to use with Western horse saddles.

3. Have your friend or sibling sit in saddles you are attaching with their feet in the stirrups. While someone is sitting in the saddle, make sure that you can fit three fingers in between the pommel’s arch and the horse’s withers.

4. The final step is to check out the width of the saddletree, which is the frame, while it is on the horse’s body. Compare this item with the shape of the horse’s back. If the horse’s back is wide, the saddletree should be wide as well. If the horse’s back is narrow, the saddletree should be narrow as well.

Brief Saddle Checklist

Once you have completed all the steps for a proper fit, run through a brief check list to ensure everything is where it belongs.

-How the saddle is positioned on the back of the horse
-How the panels contact the horse’s back
-Whether the panels offer proper support based on their width
-Whether the gullet is wide enough to completely clear the spine (2 1/2 to 3 inches)
-Ensure the seat is level on the horse
-Whether the Stirrup bars are properly positioned
-How the rider fits into the seat on the horse is a comprehensive resource for high quality western horse saddles.

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