As an avid horse rider, you want to make sure you are caring for your horse in the best possible ways. Between feeding, grooming, and exercise, you want to give your horse a well rounded form of total care that embraces the full spectrum of its necessities. There are a number of factors contributing to the ways in which you should care for your horse depending on breed, activity level, age, and overall health.

Just like your standard household pets like dogs and cats, as the animal ages, it is more prone to decreased activity and weight gain, so keeping an eye on the horse’s diet is a key to his or her longevity. It comes as no shock that a new horse is going to have some adapting to do before it fully adjusts to stable life. As a caring horse owner, you need to stay on your toes when it comes to exercising the animal regularly to allow an outlet of energy, as well as to keep the horse fit and content. Additionally, exercising the animal is important in the sense of socialization. Without the presence of other horses, animals, or humans in its life, a horse will not be leading a content lifestyle.

Once you get a horse, you want to make sure your property is set up in a way that will benefit the animal and allow it to flourish. As a key aspect of maintaining a horse’s health and happiness, it is a good idea to allow one acre of pasture per horse. In addition to the space that gives the horse the ability to explore and exert energy, you need to make sure there is some form of property; preferably a three sided barn or dwelling that will allow the horse to seek shelter from the elements. You should always keep your property clean and free of hazardous materials as well as dangerous plants. Additionally, keeping your property fenced is incremental to the horse’s care.

You should take it upon yourself to groom your stabled horse once every day to keep its coat healthy, but for horses that spend more time in the pasture, you want to steer clear of over-grooming so the natural oils on the horses coat can build and maintain a healthy glow. The horse should also always be in the presence of fresh water and a clean environment. Overall, caring for and maintaining a horse is a lot of work, but it can be enjoyable and rewarding for both the animal and its owner. Proper horse care and maintenance will not only solidify the bond between you and your horse, but it will allow you to make the most of your riding experience.

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