Horse tack supplies are a must-have for any horse owner. If you are planning on buying a horse, you should start by purchasing some items now, that way you will have most of what you need before you get your horse. If you already have a horse and are looking to get horse tack or add items to your horse tack, this article will help you decide what you need. Just know that owning a horse is expensive. The care, the maintenance, vet bills and food is not going to be cheap. So do yourself and your animal a favor, be sure that you don’t try to go bargain hunting when shopping for horse tack supplies. Think quality.

The number thing you will need is a saddle. Don’t skimp on this purchase. Get the highest quality saddle as well as the most recommend by other owners. The saddle will be the most expensive item in your horse tack supplies. The type of saddle you get depends highly on the types and the type or amount of riding you plan on doing. Just make sure you get one made from quality leather for easy cleaning and invest in a good saddle oil to keep it in good condition.

Next set of items to go in your tack box are grooming supplies. Horses need regular daily grooming and keeping everything in one location will save time. Even if it’s during the cold season, buy a shedding blade now. When the season changes, your animal will shed and having one on hand will save a trip to the store. Other tack supplies for grooming include sponges, mane brushes and hoof picks. Don’t forget to include shampoo so you can wash the coat. A fly mask is something your horse will thank you for during the summer months. These masks will keep flies the nose, mouth, ears and eyes. For severe fly problems get a fly blanket.

Depending on your use, other tack supplies may include bits, harnesses, reins, bridles and most importantly stirrups.

You can get better tack ideas from the person you bought your horse from or from horse experts. Even though you don’t want to get cheap products, there is nothing wrong with comparison-shopping when searching for tack supplies. Ideally, you want to find products that are made with experience and quality materials. Then you want to read consumer reviews on those products. Just because a product is expensive, doesn’t mean it’s the best. Read the reviews from other horse owners, then shop around and try to find the best price for the horse tack item. While you don’t want to be cheap, there is nothing wrong with saving money when you can. is your comprehensive source for the highest quality and designed horse tack supplies.

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