Horse Care Guide
Zeroing in on Horse Maintenance and Care

As someone who truly embraces the equestrian lifestyle, one of the most important things to do is make sure that your horse is well cared for. Horse riding is so much more than a sport or hobby. Horse riding embraces a friendship between you and your horse and is highly rooted in your love for animals. Horse maintenance is incremental to the performance of the animal as well as your relationship with it. From grooming, to feeding, to exercise, there are many contributing factors when it comes to horse care and maintenance.

Diet is one of the key factors in caring for your horse. Just like our more typical pets, such as dogs and cats, horses tend to need a diet that is based upon age and activity level. Older animals tend to be less active, so maintaining a healthy diet that serves as a balance between the animal’s health, age, and activity level will play a huge role in its overall performance. Even with exercise, young animals that are new to the equestrian lifestyle will require some adapting when it comes to stable life. Exercise is a main stepping stone in the happiness and health of your animal, but regular exercise also will make living in a stable or barn much easier on the horse. Exercise helps to burn calories and maintain the animal’s physique, this serves as an extremely effective outlet of energy.

Someone looking to properly care for a horse should know that space is a life changer. It has been recommended that one acre, per pasture, per horse is an ideal set up for someone housing horses. Space undeniably gives the horse a sense of freedom and helps to compensate for the time spent in a barn or stable. In addition to free land for the animal to roam, it is also incremental to make sure that the horse is cared provided shelter. Since a horse cannot be welcomed into one’s home, it is important to have a barn or dwelling of some sort that the horse can be sheltered from the elements.

Grooming is something that should not be overlooked. Grooming your horse once a day is going to make all the difference in its coat. Over-grooming can be damaging to the oils in a horses coat, so it is important to weigh out the time the animal spends in the pasture versus the time spent indoors so you can create an effective grooming balance.

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