Basic Horse Care For Beginners
A Brief Overview Of Some Essentials For Complete Horse Care

The horse is a majestic animal needing to be properly taken care of for it to remain healthy. Read the following article to learn what is needed for the care and maintenance of a horse.

One of the most powerful animals and a great companion, the horse needs tender-loving care. It is essential to learn and take care of all the needs of the horse so that you have a healthy, perfectly turned-out horse who can give you a thrilling ride. There are endless varieties of products available for the care of your horse in the market place. You must know and understand what your horse needs and have all those items on hand so you can care for your horse. Here are a few essentials for horse care that might be of help to you:

Clothing: Extreme ranging temperatures can be dangerous for the horse. Appropriate clothing is needed for all kinds of weather; especially warm blankets in the winters to protect the horse from the biting cold are a necessity. There are all kinds of sheets, blankets and coolers available for the horses. Along with the basic clothing, boots and wraps are needed for leg protection. Saddle pads are essential for both the horse as well as the rider’s comfort. Fly masks and fly sheets help keep away the flies and other insects from the horse.

Grooming: There are a variety of products that help in the maintenance and grooming of the horse. The grooming products for a horse includes cleaning products like shampoos and sponges to keep the horse free of the dirt and mud; products like brushes, combs, clippers and other accessories for the coat of the horse and other such grooming products to keep your horse looking prim and proper.

Medicinal Aid: It is a good idea to have some basic medicinal products in stock to give the horse first aid when needed before you call your veterinarian. Minor wounds and scrapes can be treated by yourself and you wouldn’t need to call your veterinarian for these little problems. Some of the items to be included in the medical kit are antiseptics, wound dressings, splints, tweezers, bandages and so on.

Barn Supplies: There are also some necessary barn supplies needed for the horse like stall guards to keep them safely in their stalls, buckets for drinking water and hay nets for the hay to feed the horse.

Tack: Finally, there are essential items that make it convenient for you to handle the horse and in riding him/her like bridles and halters, stirrups, reins and bits.

There are a large variety of horse supplies and tack available, however it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of the products you purchase since it matters in the comfort level of the horse, which effects its health and performance. Apart from these products, it goes without saying that the right food, nutrition and shelter are essential for the horse to stay healthy. With the right nutrition, comfortable barn, appropriate maintenance products and plentiful of care, you ensure the perfect health of your horse, proving to be a good owner of the animal.

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