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Horse riding for beginners

Horses are one of the most admirable animals.  They are very athletic and wild, but also cultivated simultaneously.  It could seem that riding horse does not need much, but it’s fine to know that riding is difficult as any other sport.  It requires great physical shape and moves all categories of muscles on your torso.  On other hand, this action gives you better self assurance– the truth that you are able to command such a strong animal gives you unique feeling of excitement and predominance and after – the feeling of peace.

Anyhow, riding is not a thing that could be learned suddenly; you need to learn in the beginning how to hinder the horse’s inner curiosity in order to stay superior.  This couldn’t be comprehended just by knowledge the theory but few elementary tips could make the practice much accessible, as same as the horse games.

First elementary step is to take suitable position.  The rider must sit with a tall straight back.  Heels should be all the time down.  This makes you more protected and prevents your foot from being captured in the stirrup.  You should stay abreast the horse, only kipping close the reins and assuming every of his movement.  The reins should be hold in both hands – in the middle of the little finger and the ring finger and out the top, in the middle of the thumb and index finger with a loose fit.

To convince the horse to go ahead, the rider needs to pressure his legs against the horse’s sides and loosen the reins.  Whistling or clicking could also help every now and then.

Riding also necessitates turning.  To make a horse turn right, for example, you need to pull back on the right rein and loosen the hold on the left.  Thing that works along is to put tension on the horse’s right side with the right leg, while bringing the left leg back.  Revert these signals if you like to turn left.

To stop the horse, press his seat down.  You need to lean ahead, while you’re pulling back lightly on the reins.

Trot is a something that every horse rider would love to know.  For this you need to sit upright.  Shoulders need to be back, head up and eyes ahead.  Hold the reins steady and leave adequately space so horse could turn his head. Start walking, then pressure your leg from the thigh down, releasing the tension and loosening the reins.

Cantering means faster gait than trotting.  When the horse is in a stable trot, bring his outside left leg back, squeezing hard on his side.  Sitting deep into the saddle and bringing the seat ahead, while putting some tension on the inside rein need to signal to the horse that it’s time to canter.

If you ride for the first time, apparently you need to get a coach, to avoid learning all the positions wrongly.

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