Basic Horse Care
A Quick Guide On Caring For Your Horse

As a horse owner and an able horse rider no one knows it better than you that you have to care for your horse. You have to keep him warm in winter and make sure his stable is nice and airy when its summer time. Besides this, horses suffer from ailments too from time to time. Some of these ailments are colic and laminitis. Some horses suffer from urinary problems and others from respiratory ailments. There are horses with eye trauma and others with gastric ulcers. Various horses suffer from allergies or joint diseases and of course a fair number of horses have problems with the withers. The withers is that portion of the horses dorsal spine between the 3rd thoracic vertebra and the 11th vertebra. The fistula in this area could cause a lot of pain to him and he may become listless or lethargic. So when you wish to buy Saddlepads or numnahs and half numnahs besides other accessories you need to take all these factors into condition.

The best saddle pads in the market are those that fit very well. The wool used in these pads must provide ample protection to the horse. These should be both durable and smart to look at. You also get saddle pads or numnahs that are specially used when the horse has to be driven for a long period of time or in case of horses that have backs that are very sensitive. There are several options in respect of these pads. These are with regards to the sizes, styles and colors. While the sizes are small, medium and large as well as extra large, the styles are GP, Dressage (DR) and WH or Working Hunter. These numnahs are generally available in brown, grey, black and white. Then you also have half numnahs that are available in wool on both the sides. This is to ensure that the rider has a good leg contact while taking care that the pressure points are adequately cushioned. There are half numnahs in high wither that could be used with a pad if required. These are very kind to the horses back.

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