Horse Grooming Tips
Tips For Horse Grooming – How to Keep Your Horse Clean

If you have ever owned a horse or have been around horses, you know that keeping a horse clean can be a full time job!  Horses will roll in the dirt or sand to scratch themselves or to stretch and realign their muscles and bones.

But have you seen one lay down in it’s stall?  Invariably they like to lay in their manure piles to keep warm or because it’s soft. On a white horse this can be a nightmare!  There are safe whiteners that will help get those green stains off a white horse.  Make sure you don’t use household cleaners like bleach or laundry detergents because those can be very harmful to the horse.

But the best way to keep your horse clean is by brushing with a stiff brush to loosen the dirt and then finish the grooming with a soft bristled brush.

If your horse is shedding and coated with mud at the same time, then it would be useful to use the type of shedding blade that has a saw tooth edge and very gently run this over your horses coat to pull the dead hair out first, and then use your stiff brush to get the rest of the heavy dirt off.

Grooming your horse with a stiff brush should always be done before saddling your horse. You don’t want any shavings or stickers in your horses coat before putting your saddle on. After riding, you will see a lot of sweat where the saddle used to be and where the girth was.  After sweat dries, it can be very itchy and sometimes can cause fungal skin conditions.  Use a bucket of warm water, and a big sponge and sponge your horses back and girth area after riding.  This will make your equine friend very happy and will keep your horse from rubbing and scratching himself.

After grooming you can use a lightweight sheet for your horse to wear in his stall to keep him warm after the bath and to keep him clean if he decides to lay down and roll.

Grooming is a great way to get to know your horse, and to see if your horse has any sore or tender spots around his back.

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