When people think about the parts and issues that they need to pay attention with in their vehicles, they come up with an incredible list. While some people will say coolant, others will say the initial computer diagnostics and emissions testing done on the car. Many fail to think about their tires and how important they are to the operation of their vehicle.

There are multiple things for you to think about when thinking about the tires for your vehicle. Many are surprised to find out the issues that can be had by those who do not take the time to think about their tires.

Tire Pressure And Gas Mileage

The pressure of your tires is directly related to the gas mileage that you will see with your vehicle. Most people know that tires that are under-inflated are going to lower your gas mileage drastically. Many fail to realize that the same rule goes for tires that are over-inflated. Yes, over-inflated tires can drop your gas mileage. Be sure to check your manual and your tires for the correct tire pressure and work to keep your tires around that specific pressure number.

Tire Pressure and Safety

Those who drive on overinflated or underinflated tires may be putting themselves at more of a risk than they realize. These tires cannot operate as efficiently as they are expected to operate. Tires that are both over or under inflated will find that the tires can actually cause issues while driving. If a tire pops while driving, it can cause an accident, which may lead to injuries.

Rotating Tires

Tires are going to take some severe wear and tear over the course of the years. If you want your tires to last as long as possible you need to rotate your tires. This tire rotation will work to level out the wear and tear of all of the tires.

Tire Alignment

Have you ever noticed that your vehicle drives in a straight line even though your steering wheel is not completely straight? This has to do with your tire alignment and the way that your tires are fixed onto the vehicle. A tire alignment is needed every once and a while to get the tires back on the right track. This simply helps the car to run more efficiently and helps to make driving easier for the driver.

Your tires are an incredibly important tool for your vehicle, and for more than just getting you from point a to point b. your tires help you to get the gas mileage an efficiency that you need to run your car smoothly. Take the time to look into your tires and to take serious care of them. Do not hesitate to take the time to go to a tires sales and service location. They can repair your tires or give you the best options for new tires, helping you to keep your car in top working order.

Tom Aldridge is the owner of Dale Feste Automotive, located in Hopkins, MN. Tom is also an active board member of the Alliance of Automotive Service Providers of MN, dedicated to improving Minnesotas automotive service industry and the success of members. Tom makes himself available to customers every day and under his direction, Dale Feste Automotive has achieved a 98% customer satisfaction rating and earned the AAA Top Shop since 2000.

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