Sleep is one of the most basic activities of men. But, why is there a need to sleep? Why is it so important? How can sleeping help a person? What are the dangers of not having enough sleep? And, what are the common disorders that can affect the quality of sleep?

First of all, sleep is a resting condition that every being in the world periodically goes through. This condition helps the body to retain its normal functions of the body. Sleeping also helps in repairing the body of all the damages it has accumulated during a person’s daily activities.

While sleeping, the body can use up most of its energy to repair itself, unlike when you’re awake, where more than half of the body’s energy is used to perform daily tasks. Aside from this, it also balances the chemicals in a person’s brain, which helps prevent ailments such as anxiety disorders and depression.

People who don’t get enough sleep are often depressed, anxious and irritable, which prevents them from forming strong relationship with other individuals. Some people who don’t have enough sleep are also unable to concentrate on their daily tasks, thus, preventing them from obtaining success.

But the most dangerous of all is when a person is already falling asleep while he or she is doing his or her daily tasks. Some people even fall asleep while cooking or driving. In fact, many motor vehicle accidents happen as a result of people not having enough sleep.

There are many types of disorders that may hinder the quality of sleep. Sleeping disorders are commonly divided in to two categories which include dysomnias and parasomnias.

Dysomnias often include insomnia, sleep apnea, hypersomnia, etc which may be caused by internal factors or environmental and pathological factors. On the other hand, parasomnias are sleep disorders that involve abnormal and unnatural emotions, perceptions, behaviors, dreams and movements while sleeping. Sleepwalking, sleep talking and teeth grinding are among the most popular types of parasomnias.

While sleep disorders can cause danger to a person and his health, there are many types of treatments available that can help overcome them. One such method is meditation, which can help relax your mind as you sleep. To know more about this technique, go to or

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