• Horse Racing Handicapping Using Online Stable Reports

    Many handicappers now use Advanced Deposit Wagering (ADW) services online.  They offer the convenience of wagering from home along with other attractive perks like free programs and even some bonuses for deposits.  Before signing up with an ADW, however, you should make sure that it is legal in the jurisdiction where you live and plan […]

  • Basic Ferret Care

    Bringing home a pet ferret can add fun and excitement to your household. Ferrets have enough love for each member of your family, and will insist on attention from every one of you. Although ferrets are known for their fun-loving nature, they are actually high maintenance animals to keep as pets. The better you inform […]

  • How to Handicap Horse Races for Profit, a Guide to Betting on Horses

    This is a simple guide to betting on horses to find profitable bets.  It is not meant to be a complete tutorial on how to handicap and win money on horse racing.  That is a complicated subject and if you want to go into it in more depth, I suggest you start with a good […]

  • The Mule and the Horse

    (A Minnesota, Chick Evens, Grandpa Story, 1958-59) Figuratively speaking, my grandpa, he had already -from the day one, that is, from the first day he saw me at birth-taken the restraining lines, the bridle, you know the harness that goes around a horses head and put it on mine, or thought he did. You might […]

  • Equine Assisted Learning, Self Awareness

    BUILDING SELF AWARENESS THE NATURAL WAY HUMAN DEVELOPMENT THROUGH THE PRESENCE, WISDOM AND GUIDANCE OF THE HORSE Equine Assisted Learning (EAL; equine = horse) – as it is called here at the SeaHorse Centre – is a program tailored to nurture wellness and to discover our full human potential. In general “horse assisted learning” or […]

  • The Wonder and Beauty of Horse Manes and Tails

    Horses have manes and tails, and we humans don’t. Perhaps that accounts for their endless fascination to those of us who love and care for a horse. Sure, we have hair on our heads — most of us, anyway! But the hair in a horse’s mane, as well as in its tail, differs in many […]

  • Dog Grooming Tips For Beginners

    Dog grooming can be very expensive if you visit a pet grooming salon. However, you must not compromise your pet’s hygiene and overall physiological and psychological health by ignoring its need to be well-groomed. Just like people, they also need some pampering and grooming every now and then so that they look and feel better. […]

  • Friesian Horse

    Spelling and usage In English, the word indicating origin from the Friesland region is typically spelled “Frisian.” However, the alternative spelling with an extra “e” is used for Friesian cattle. During much of the history of the Friesch Paarden Stamboek breed registry, most breeders of the horses also were breeders of dairy cattle and the […]

  • Fundamental Horse Accessories

    There is a common saying – if you love someone, show it. Just feeding your horse well does not mean you care for him. If you really love your horse, then you must seek the comforts for him too; you need to buy correct horse accessories for him. The pleasure of going for a horse […]

  • Spanish Language Beginners

    There seems to be a ton of websites that offer you courses on how to speak Spanish. Some courses are free and some are not, but there is a world of opportunity for you to take advantage of and to learn the language at home. You will come across sites that assume you already know […]